} The Advance Alpha 6 has some great new reviews
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The Advance Alpha 6 has some great new reviews

Posted on March 15 2016

Just in time for the flight and training season the first tests and reports on the ALPHA 6 appeared in the media.

The French Parapente Mag is excited about the new ADVANCE glider for beginners and praises among others especially the simple inflation and start-up behavior, the deflation resistance and the improved performance over its predecessor. The wings make fun flying and was suitable as for a wide pilot range.

The ALPHA 6 is even easier and more manageable and even more fun than the previous model. It meets every need of entry-level model, but also of those pilots have recognized that the term "beginner wing" no longer makes sense. "

Cédric Nieddu, Parapente Mag


Even Carlo Borsattino of Flybubble paragliding from the UK is very pleased.  - "In the air, the Alpha 6 is surprisingly agile and nice to fly for such a safe and solid feeling wing, whilst being reassuringly dampened and forgiving of incorrect or imprecise inputs. The first part of the brake travel, where most of a pilot's turning will be done most of the time, is relatively light however as you pull the brakes down through their travel they firm up quickly, making it very hard to mistakenly over-input for all but the most heavy handed, long-armed ape-man. ;)" -  Link to the test report

"In summary, I think the Alpha 6 is a fantastic option for a wide variety of more discerning pilots who appreciate Advance quality, from those starting out and getting in to flying all the way up to experienced weekend and holiday pilots looking for high safety, nice handling and excellent performance."

-  Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble UK

Also from the flight schools we received consistently positive feedback only to the successful overall package of ALPHA 5's successor. So Franz Meyer writes of the flight school Diemtigtal, there would often that a screen immediately inspire him as the ALPHA 6: 

Start, handling, folding behavior, stability, performance and workmanship are impeccable.

- Franz Meyer, flight school Diemtigtal

Full Review Here


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