} Jesse Williams Teams Up with Super Fly & Advance
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Jesse Williams Teams Up with Super Fly & Advance

Posted on April 18 2016

Super Fly Paragliding, in cooperation with Advance, is proud to announce a new alliance with Jesse Williams, an American pilot based in Bellingham, Washington. Jesse learned to fly with a Super Fly sister school, Seattle Paragliding, which served as a springboard for him to make his debut on the worldwide Paragliding scene.  He is a longtime and active fixture on the American paragliding scene and has been a supporter in the Red Bull X-Alps for several years.

Copy of IMG_20160328_162053838_HDR Jesse William's on his Advance Omega XALPS Paraglider

Between 2013 and 2015, Jesse distinguished himself in the sport by making multiple self-supported hike-and-fly trips at various locations throughout the Alps, between Nice and Slovenia. Furthermore, he was the first person to fly a paraglider over the Lillooet Glacier in Pemberton, Canada, where he landed to bivvy on a remote peak deep in grizzly country and within striking distance of the glacier the next morning. His recent travels have taken him to Columbia where he logged an impressive 70 hours exploring coffee plantation covered mountains and sugar cane patchwork valleys.

Jesse’s next challenge is the X-Pyr hike-and-fly competition this summer, which will take him 250 miles through the rugged peaks of the Pyrenees Mountains along the border of France and Spain. A true hike-and-fly race, the X-Pyr requires athletes to complete the course by flying or carrying their paragliding gear on foot, starting at the Atlantic Ocean and ending at the Mediterranean.  Jesse has selected Advance’s light and swift Omega XAlps as his glider of choice. It promises to open up opportunities around the world for hiking and flying deeper, farther and faster than ever before.

As always, our team pilots demonstrate a high caliber of skill and commitment, but most importantly they represent excellent ambassadors for our brands and individuals who share our vision of a healthy and inspired flying community.  Super Fly and Advance recognize the exceptional commitment and talent of this unique American pilot and wish him the very best for this season.


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