} Nova Ion 4 Review by Flybubble UK
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Nova Ion 4 Review by Flybubble UK

Posted on March 22 2016

Greg and Simon from Flybubble in the UK recently reviewed the Nova Ion 4 - here are some of their key points - "In the air the glider is very solid ..." & "A well-designed evolution in the Nova range." "The Ion 4 is Nova's new entry level EN B glider. It's suitable for talented beginners, but most pilots will enjoy its superb performance to safety ratio. With its lightweight concept it should also be a hit with the Hike & Fly market and those who just want a lighter pack. It can be ordered with student risers or with a speedbrake riser (for XC pilots wanting to steer on the rear risers without affecting the camber and spoiling performance)."

Nova Ion 4 review

Nova Ion 4 - Easy to sort out the lines

"It's always nice to get a brand new glider out and this one feels light and silky. The line set was very easy to sort and I was soon clipped in. The wind was moderately strong and the glider wanted to fly but I had no problem holding it down on the rear (C) risers. Releasing the C's I leant back and without having to guide it up on the A's in the strong wind the wing came up smoothly in one block. In lighter winds a little help from the A's  will launch you with no fuss. Forward launching is a easy too. I liked the high positioning of the brake poppers, they never rubbed on my hands, as some can."

"In the air the glider is very solid and with its clever brake geometry and low aspect ratio the Ion 4 will turn very nicely using just the first part of the brake travel. After this the brakes get progressively more solid and I found to turn tight I needed to take a wrap so I was pulling and not pushing down on the brake so I had better control. Then it really whipped around! Great fun! Big ears are easy to find with the split A's and the release is a non event as they slowly pop out."

"Summary The Ion 4 will make a lot of pilots happy for differing reasons, be it the newish pilot looking for a solid wing with performance, someone looking for a more relaxing wing or the hike and flyer looking for a light weight, easy to land in a tight spot kind of wing!" Thank you guys. Great review! - the full review can be read here - http://www.flybubble.co.uk/articles/page/1463

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