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Super Fly is Hiring!

Posted on December 10 2014

Super Fly Paragliding is hiring!

Super Fly is always looking for top talent to join our team. We are currently seeking a Customer Service Representative/Office Assistant. If you possess the skills and attributes that are listed here, please feel free to contact us.

First and foremost - you need to be a people person - Positive interaction with our customers and all of our team members is the key to our business success and is the core of our corporate culture.

A ‘Whatever it Takes’ Attitude - We get the job done no matter what it takes. If you like to punch the clock and work your 9-5 you probably won't be a good fit. If you are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done then you will do well. That doesn't mean working 80 hours a week. It means that we are flexible and we want you to be too.

Organized and Accountable - Accountability is a recurring theme for us and is definitely one of our core values. We believe that everyone involved with our business needs to be accountable to one another. Employees need to be accountable to the management team, co-workers, our business network and clients. However, employees should expect to hold all of those people accountable as well.

The Job Details -

The ideal applicant will have a passion for paragliding and the parts, accessories and gear that goes along with all things related to it. This is a fast paced, high- energy position requiring an extremely high level of accuracy and attention to detail.

The right person will be highly organized, have a great attention to detail, be a master of the English language and be able to calmly chart a safe course through the squalls that appear on the horizon.  

This person will assist the executive team through many different tasks both large and small, and will be considered the right-hand person when dealing with both simple and complex issues of varying degrees of sensitivity relating to running the business.

This seasoned professional will help us integrate and refine our current work-flow with his or her tried and true organizational approach. They will be willing to do what it takes to make Super Fly more productive. We will grow together, drawing from past experiences to arrive at a custom fit for our growing organization.

The day-to-day functions of this position are to answer the phones, greet customers, answer questions or finding out the answer.

Maintaining proper logs for customer orders, vendor orders and organizing the two so that when shipments are received everything is accounted for. These necessary functions also ensure that there is a general knowledge of what is in stock and what is expected to be in stock.

Attention to detail and multi-tasking skills are a must have.

Skills Needed Basic computer operation. PC and Mac would be nice. Microsoft Suite of Office Products QuickBooks experience would be an added bonus.

Physical requirements

  • Requires physical activity and the ability to push, pull, lift, and move up to 40 lbs.
  • Requires walking, bending, reaching overhead, and continuous standing or sitting for long periods of time.
    If you have gotten this far and think you have the goods – Contact us - info@superflyinc.com


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