} 50 Miles Gin Tribe + Impress 3
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50 Miles Gin Tribe + Impress 3

Posted on April 09 2012

Great flight today from short divide.  Launched at 2pm from steeds landed 3 hours later in Grace, ID.  50 miles.  Winds aloft were about 15 mph.  Headed over the back from sd at about 8600 ft.  Here's the stats: max alt 12250 lift 1000 fpm sink 1100 fpm Got a bit crazy in the valley were highway 34 turns off towards Grace.  Valley winds were strong and due s se.  Forcing me to stay in the middle of the valley. And the constriction at the south end of the valley is not something you want to hang around in.  I think if winds were more west it could be a ridge run at that point to soda springs. I'll post the track if you guys are interested. I think there is great potential to head all the way to Jackson on a good day! Cody


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