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  • Jesse Williams Teams Up with Super Fly & Advance

    Posted on April 18 2016

    Super Fly Paragliding, in cooperation with Advance, is proud to announce a new alliance with Jesse Williams, an American pilot based in Bellingham, Washington. Jesse learned to fly with a...

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  • Boom X across VA

    Posted on June 11 2012

    Tom Cuenen,  a VA Pilot marks a Boomerang 'X' signature on the map during the first two XC flights (90 miles together) with his brand new Boomerang X wing. The flights...

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  • 95 Miler Gin Tribe - UT in April!

    Posted on April 25 2012

    Logan, UT pilot Cody M sent it yesterday. He got to 16K and went 95 miles. Said it was gusting to 30 when he landed. Check it out!

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  • So. Cal Records Fall! ( in spring )

    Posted on April 24 2012

    Congrats Guys! Steve Rohrbaugh - Omega 8 - 89.8 mi  - Laguna, San Diego, and SoCal Open Distance Record Dmitri Soloviev - Gin Tribe - 63.9 mi - Laguna, San Diego, and SoCal Sport...

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  • Ion 2 XC

    Posted on April 09 2012

    Saturday was the first good XC day this year - in Switzerland and France many pilots flew beyond the 100 kilometer mark.  See the flight here. Michi Müller managed to...

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  • 50 Miles Gin Tribe + Impress 3

    Posted on April 09 2012

    Great flight today from short divide.  Launched at 2pm from steeds landed 3 hours later in Grace, ID.  50 miles.  Winds aloft were about 15 mph.  Headed over the back...

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