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Pilot Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on November 27 2019

Do you love a paraglider pilot but never know what to get them? This guide is here to help you choose something that they will love!

1) A Reliable Flight Instrument. 
The Stodeus leGPSBip+ solar-powered device is the perfect backup or main instrument for anyone who doesn't have a spare!

2) Put money towards their next purchase. 
Everyone eventually gets a new wing and harness! Help pay for some of your loved ones' new gear with a gift card in their name. 
Purchase a gift card here and send an email to service@superflyinc.com to request something special be sent to you (free of charge) to wrap up as a gift! 

3) GIN Heated Gloves
Stay in the air longer and keep your hands warm with GIN Glider's new heated gloves. These re-chargeable gloves boast a battery life longer than your average winter flight and have multiple heat modes to thermoregulate during the entire day. 

4) Transmit your location, even in the most remote places. 
You never know what will happen when you're up in the clouds. Have peace of mind that friends and loved ones can see your exact location with the Garmin inReach Mini. Read Gavin McClurg's article about best practices for adventurers.

  5) Wooden Paraglider



P.S. Mention that you saw this and we will throw in a few Super Fly Stickers free of charge! Sticker Mule made some sweet custom stickers that we love giving away :) 


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