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Ion 2 XC

Posted on April 09 2012

Saturday was the first good XC day this year - in Switzerland and France many pilots flew beyond the 100 kilometer mark.  See the flight here. Michi Müller managed to complete the furthest flight: With his Ion 2 he did a 186km FAI triangle, which is also the biggest FAI triangle 2012. Michi might be very pleased, that he left all the high end competition gliders clearly behind him. He might however be a little bit annoyed, that he missed the 200km FAI triangle by just a little bit more than 13 kilometres. Thereby he also missed the 2000 Euro prize money of the Ion 2 Hundred Challenge. But we are quite sure that it won't take long, until he adds those 13 kilometres. Until then we'd like to congratulate to this flight, which shows impressively, what is possible with the Ion2.


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