} Reserve Repacks, Paraglider Inspections, and Line Orders
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Reserve Repacks, Paraglider Inspections, and Line Orders

Posted on October 23 2019

Winter is the perfect time to send in your kit for inspection. Be sure to do a test throw on your reserve parachute in a simulator. Have someone take video in order to identify any friction during the deployment. Send it to us at

14725 S. Porter Rockwell Blvd.
Suite J
Bluffdale, UT 84065
Please don't forget to include all of your information and fill out the form below. Installing the reserve in the harness is actually the most technical part so consider sending it to us as well. We will do a comprehensive inspection on your paraglider while we are at it. Inspections are $275 with line trim tuning ($175 without). Repacks are $60 for round/square and $75 for Rogallo. Trim tuning alone is $100.

PLEASE NOTE: We are sorry that we are only able to repack reserves from the brands that we sell due to workload.

Please drop us an e-mail so that we can expect it. We ship back to you via UPS or USPS and the prices don't include the return shipping.

If just sending in your glider, still fill out the inspection form and include it in the shipment. Please send us an email and NOTE that we only service the brands we sell. 

If you need lines ordered only, fill out the Line Ordering Guide below and email it to us at service@superflyinc.com. Please note that we only make lines for the brands we sell.


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