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  • The Advance Alpha 6 has some great new reviews

    Posted on March 15 2016

    Just in time for the flight and training season the first tests and reports on the ALPHA 6 appeared in the media. The French Parapente Mag is excited about the...

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  • Nova Ion 4 Paraglider

    Posted on February 17 2016

    The Nova Ion 4- better glide than the Mentor 3!! Have a peak at the newest version of the Nova Ion in this great video. ‘Performance for all’- there is...

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  • Advance Sigma 9

    Posted on January 04 2014

    According to the para-test.com website, it appears that the Advance Sigma 9, Progress 2 Harness and Easiness 2 Harness are in the final phase of certification. http://www.para-test.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=134&Itemid=37

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  • Gin Gliders Carrera Certified EN B

    Posted on December 12 2013

    We are thrilled to announce that the Gin Gliders Carrera is now available in XS size. That means XS, S, M, XL are certifed EN B and are now available...

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