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Learn To Paramotor in Utah!

Learning to Fly w. Chris Santacroce at Super Fly 

We have what is arguably the best way to teach available anywhere in the world. We teach at the world-famous Point of the Mountain and are able to help students to log multiple flights in a very short period of time without the motor. During the time when we are logging these first flights, we engage in broad-spectrum education about motors in general: How to preflight them, the different styles, how to carry them, emergency procedures etc. We do a lot of classroom work and we do a lot of simulator work.

Once pilots are making smooth take-offs, flights, landings without the motor, we then begin with learning how to kite with the motor on the pilot's back. Then we start taking flights off of our hill with the motor on the pilot's back but not running. Pilots even soar around a little bit with the motor on their back – again the motor is not running. 

We also like to do tandems with our students. This lets us get an up close look at how they are handling the glider and correct anything that's not up to par. This also lets the student have the throttle and brake toggle in hand at the same time while navigating in three dimensions. Such great training. 

We use a two way communication system when we are teaching that lets the student respond and ask questions.

Once all these elements are proven we finally engage in actually flying with a running motor. These first flights are usually very smooth and ultimately not very remarkable for the student because they have done so many little steps to prepare.

The progression goes quite smoothly and our students find themselves making beautiful motor flights before they know it. We expect students to get a good handle on things in about 7-10 days worth of training but students can stay as long as they like and they can return to learn with us at no charge over the years.


It turns out that we are the largest handler of paragliding products on the continent - nobody has a greater variety of equipment than we do. We also stock the top 5 brands of paramotors and have them available for students to demo. No one is more intimate with new, leading technology than we are. It's what we do.

When you are logging your first flights, you will do it on our equipment. We use this as an opportunity to see which equipment suits you best and after that, we team up to pick a motor with you – they are usually available within a couple of days.

For your reference, we sell Scout, Parajet, MACFLY, Simplify, Power 2 Fly  and several other brands. 

 It's worth knowing that when you speak about motors, you have to speak about the frame that you are using and then also the power plant. We use a variety of frames, but we tend toward three specific motors – the Atom 80, the Vittorazzi Moster 185 and sometimes the Polini Thor 130.

The frame that works best for you remains to be seen. It's not something that you can figure out over the phone - it's more like buying shoes where you need to try them in person.

The same is true regarding gliders – we are the importer for Gin, Advance, and Nova. Each company makes rock-solid paramotor gliders and we also have access to all major brands.

Research in General

There is no way that you could possibly know which glider will be the best one for you via Internet research. More accurately, you will need to test fly a number of things while you are learning. 

Probably the biggest mistake that paramotor pilots make is obsessing about equipment before they actually do any flying. Good research on equipment is not a mistake but so much is revealed during the learning process – imagine trying to buy a plane when you have never flown in one yet.

The Good News

It’s time to relax and enjoy the ride - you don't need to worry about equipment anymore – you just need to block some time and make your way to our facility for your initial training.  Plan on a good stretch of five days to start, but also plan on another visit at a later date to refine your skills.


Our training is $2,600 and includes a lifetime of training – you can come back and visit us at any point to refine your skills or get your next rating. If you take some time off and you want to come back and get current then we are here for you. We teach every single day of the year. This is all that we've ever done and all that we will ever do. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would say anything disparaging about us. This is your best guarantee. Please take some time to research us. Ask some people what they know about Super Fly and Chris Santacroce. Ask them where they learned and where they wish that they would have learned.

Used motors start at around $5500. New motors start at $6000 and can cost as much as $10,500.

Used gliders start at $2500 and new gliders start at $3500.

Reserve parachutes start at $550 but are usually a bit bulky at that price and a $700 or $800 one is a lot more compact. 


We generally only teach people who have the financial capability to buy equipment on a timeline. We will do everything we can to make it fun and easy and to be accommodating BUT, our business model is based on teaching people and it’s based on people purchasing their equipment through us. When people have their own equipment already, we can’t afford to teach them. When people buy equipment via other sources, it doesn’t support what we do and we can’t afford to teach them on an ongoing basis. If your finances aren’t organized such that you can’t purchase your gear when you are ready for it, then please let us know and perhaps re-evaluate. 


This is a big deal. Please make sure that all of your affairs are in order. You should have the support of your friends and family. You should not spend your last money on paramotoring and you should have some savings. You should have health insurance that you believe will cover paramotoring. If you can’t afford to purchase the best gear that you can find given your considerations then your affairs are probably not in order yet. 


Let's chat on the phone - let's make sure that all of this makes sense to you and that it all sits well with you. If you have any questions at all, we are happy to answer them for you. You can contact Chris via text or phone call at 801-706-6076.

We look forward to flying with you!