} XC Tracer Maxx II - FANET including FLARM built in
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XC Tracer Maxx II - FANET including FLARM built in


Product Details

Maximum for all

Whether beginner or pro - with the XC Tracer Maxx II you fly more intuitively than ever before. It is not that XC Tracer Varios are only for professionals, rather the opposite. Professionals like Chrigel have been flying for so long that it doesn't make a big difference to them if the beep from the vario and what you feel don't match. For pilots with not so much flying experience, flying an XC Tracer Maxx II becomes an intuitive experience, what the vario beeps and what you feel matches perfectly. Come to one of the test festivals and try this yourself, you will be amazed how easy it is to fly in thermals with an XC Tracer.


Maximum precision

Conventional variometers have the disadvantage that climb and sink are always indicated with a more or less large time delay. With the XC Tracer Maxx II, the data from different sensors are combined with a complicated mathematical procedure and this time delay is eliminated. Thanks to delay-free display of climb / sink, finding and centering thermals with a Maxx II is much easier than with a conventional variometer.


And you can set the tones of the variometer as you like, please use our tone simulator.


Maximum intuitive

Screens reduced to the essentials allow intuitive flying. Icons instead of text for effortless interpretations - you don't have to read any manual. We designed the screens to be as easy to read as possible - you just take a quick look and you've already grasped the essential information, so you can get back to watching the airspace and concentrating on flying. For the display we use a hardened special glass, which avoids disturbing reflections and at the same time is very robust.


You can choose which screens you want to have displayed. You can choose from the following screens:


Simple: Vario analog, Vario digital, Altitude, Speed over ground, Compass

Standard: Vario analog, Vario digital, altitude, speed over ground, compass, wind, glide ratio, flight time

Thermal: Vario analog, Vario digital, altitude, wind, thermal assistant, altitude curve of the last 30 seconds

Buddy: Displays altitude, vario, position and status of up to 8 buddies, plus position and status of up to 100 flarms

Airspace: Display with side view and top view, zoom levels can be selected. Screen update rate is up to 10Hz, warnings are integrated.


Screens are fixed and cannot be changed. Functions for competitions and XC are not planned at the moment, since everyone flies with a tablet with XCTrack anyway.


Maximum social

You can always see where your buddies are. The Maxx II has a real FANET including FLARM built in, which means Maxx II can also receive data from other FANET. If you see a buddy at the launch site and want to add him as a buddy, it's as simple as a few clicks on the red button, only the vario with FANET from the buddy must be switched on and no further than 30m away.


You can add up to 8 buddies, so you always know how far away they are, how high they are, the vario display is also transmitted. And then also if the respective buddy is still flying or not.


And finally the position of your buddies is stored continuously. In the worst case, if a buddy does not show up in the evening, you can look up in your XC Tracer Maxx II where your buddy was the last time a FANET signal was received. You will find Latitude, Longitude, Altitude and Status. This information can be very helpful to locate a missing paraglider. You can also use your XC Tracer Maxx II as a search device, as all nearby FANET are displayed.


Maximum simplicity

To make the operation as easy as possible we have only one button to operate the vario. The operation is super simple, you will be surprised how easy it is. You can adjust almost all settings with just this one button. And for the final details there is always the possibility to connect the vario to the computer and add the final touches to the config file.


Maximum proven

Red Bull X-Alps, World Record and countless other flyers swear by the XC Tracer technology. Take a closer look at the photos from Red Bull XAlps 2021, where more than two-thirds of the pilots flew with an XC Tracer. Look for a little black box with a red string and a red button on the photos - these are all XC Tracer Varios! And some pilots have even used a Maxx.


Maximum compactness

To make the vario as compact as possible, we have spared no expense and developed an internal flarm antenna. This antenna is so broadband that it works all over the world, no matter if you fly in Europe, USA, Australia or anywhere else. And to make sure you can fly legally, the vario is CE and FCC certified.


Maximum endurance

The Vario has a built-in lithium polymer battery, which is fully charged for more than 70 hours of continuous operation, including data transmission via BLE and recording of IGC and KML files, and of course the operation of the FANET/FLARM radio with transmission and reception of FANET/FLARM data. The battery can be recharged via the included USB - C cable if needed.


Maximum light

The XC Tracer Maxx II weighs only 120 grams, so it is easy to take along on hike & fly.


Technical Specifications

  • High resolution B&W LCD, 536x336 pixels, 76x47mm, perfect readability

  • Tempered and mirrorless glass for LCD cover

  • Size: 92x68x18mm

  • Weight 120g

  • 70h battery life 

  • Easy operation

  • Delay free display of climb / descent

  • FLARM / FANET, integrated antenna

  • FANET display of position and altitude of buddies

  • Open source obstacle database

  • Data transfer via BLE to mobile phone/tablet/e-reader

  • IGC and KML logger, approved by FAI for competitions

  • Many compatible apps for Android/iOS

  • Freely configurable sound settings/sound simulator on xctracer.com

  • Accelerometer/Compass/Gyro/Baro/GPS/BLE/FLARM/FANET

  • GPS module with simultaneous reception of GPS, Glonass and Galileo Firmware update via drag & drop, USB-C connection

  • CE & FCC certification

  • Swiss made

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