} Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus Manual Start *MY22*
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Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus Manual Start *MY22*


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Moster 185 Plus MY22

-New geometry of the ‘bronze bush’ made with special materials, and increased contact surface area, to offer greater durability and maximum system safety;

-Reinforced manifold with a “double rib” welding system that offers greater security for a more stable and repeatable manufacturing process;

-A second joint has been added which has led to a significant improvement: it stops the transfer of vibrations from the engine to the muffler and reduces the load on the manifold, created by the weight and accelerations of the exhaust.

For the engine components of the Moster 185, which are already excellent, we have made the following further improvements:

– New cylinder Nikasil plating treatment, for greater performance and durability;
– Anti-rotation device for pull starter shaft;
– New material for the airbox rubber sleeve, to ensure longer life and stability of the system;
– BR9 spark plug with steel pin, for greater stability of the cap;
– Oil-seals of the highest quality and durability, always Made in Italy;
– Treatment of all screws with an anti-corrosion system.

Vittorazi does not include a prop spacer or prop bolts with their engines due to the many propeller and spacer combinations that are currently available on the market. Our recommended propeller/prop spacer and prop/propeller bolts are linked below. This bolt(s) and spacer combination will work with Helix, Gravity, Glidersports and E-Prop brand propellers.

  • Recommended Prop Spacer – SPACER M120

  • Recommended Prop Spacer – Bolt(s) M119


Vittorazi is going to follow carefully the Moster development, working continuously to go beyond its limits.

Any evolution, any little detail and technical solution aim at increasing the quality, performances and safety of their products.

The main added value of this new version is given by the clutch.

This integrated device significantly reduces vibrations at idle speed it increases safety during pre-flight routine (propeller at rest). The vibrations are almost imperceptible at all engine speeds, while the weight distribution and the size of the engine minimize the torque effect.

The other notable improvement has been achieved with the introduction of the new exhaust system, extremely quiet and performing at the same time. The entire engine has been designed to obtain the minimum noise emission, which is attenuated by the air box, the transmission belt, a special “Db-killer” silencer, and the choice of the best propellers.

The “soft starter system” (3S) is one of the new advantages. It is a manual start system that allows the engine to start,? both in flight and on the ground, with a single pull through the use of only one hand.

The Moster185 plus structure is basic and simple and it has a compact design. The total weight of the engine is 14.2 kg in the manual start version. The “plug & play” installation of the engine is quick and easy. The cooling of the thermal group is secured by propellers with dedicated profiles or conveyors specifically designed and tested.

The engine develops a maximum power of 25HP at 7,800 RPM. It is recommended for a total weight of pilot paramotor or trike ranging from 100 to 160 kg. The thrust is smooth and linear up to 75 kg with a 130 cm propeller (70 kg with a 122 cm propeller).

The fuel consumption of this engine, significantly reduced, is about 4.0 liters/hour considering a cruise flight.

Thanks to the Walbro diaphragm carburetor, the engine is not affected by bending in preparation for takeoff or during flight, and it maintains a constant idle speed.

Cycle 2 strokes
Stroke 54 mms
Swept volume 184.7 cc
Bore 66 mms
Power 25 hp at 7.800 rpm
Cylinder Single cylinder in aluminum Nicasil chromed
Piston HQ diamond profile, graphite coating, 2 rings chromed
Intake Silencer air-box – Walbro carburetor – Reed valve intake
Cooling Extraction from propeller
Starter Manual pull start -?3S (Soft Starter System)
Clutch Centrifugal clutch
Reduction drive ratio 1/2.68 or 1/2.87- PolyV belt.??
Ignition coil Inductive IDI
Spark-plug NGK BR9ES
Temperatures max
EGT 550? – CHT 250?
Exhaust pipe Hand-made with?carbon “Db-Killer”?silencer
Propeller rotation Anticlockwise
Fuel Unleaded gasoline – Synthetic oil 2.5 %
Consumption 3.0 liters/hour at 30kg of static thrust, prop. 130 cms at 5.200 RPM
Weight 14.2 kg; pull starter version
Weight N/A electric starter version
Weight 15.5 Kg pull and electric starter version


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