Tow Bridle


Product Details

The Super Fly Tow Bridle is the industry standard. It attaches to the main carabiner and actuates the speed system to enhance takeoff safety and climb performance. It is a two piece tow bridle for use with front mount reserves –  with a three ring release. The bridle utilizes a straight pin which is preferred for reverse inflation style launches as the odds of a premature release are greatly reduced over curved pin systems.

Oval screw gate links are included.

Please don’t tow without proper instruction but most importantly, don’t tow without a bridle that actuates speed system.

Availability: We try to have this item in stock at all times. It is currently out of stock (2-15-19)  but we expect the item to be in stock within 14 days. Feel free to e-mail us at for updates. Also, feel free to order the item and we will deliver it as soon as possible.  

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