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WHO: You and an instructor with several decades of experience and thousands of tandem flights. 

WHAT: Two people, one paraglider. You sit in front and it is totally comfortable. It’s just a few steps to take off and a few to land. In between is truly a great experience. Not much is required of you, just be ready to have some fun and learn a ton. We can fly for as few as two minutes and as many as 35-40, depending on conditions and on how much you are loving it. Here is what it looks like in general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekNHImyPvU8 These passengers were really enjoying the experience and the conditions were WAY above average. 

Also, please note that in some situations clients want to experience solo flight so we are happy to offer a bit of paraglider kiting and some runs down the hill to get people started. This experience is available depending on availability and on weather. The cost is $150 and video costs an additional $40 

WHEN: We fly every morning and evening. Just give a call or text me, Chris Santacroce, at 801.706.6076 the day before you want to fly and then again (to check the weather) at 7:30AM for an 8:30 AM flight or at 5:00 PM for an evening flight that usually meets up at 6:00 PM. This is based on the Summer months. 

This is highly weather dependent, so please be ready to come to the hill and have to wait. Also, be prepared to have us tell you that it is not a good day to fly and we will try to reschedule.

PREPARE: Wear full-length pants and shirt, close-toed, sturdy shoes (no sandals or heels), a favorite ski or biking helmet if you have one (otherwise we will have one for you), light gloves if it’s cold out, sunglasses and a small bottle of water. Bring a mini SD card or a laptop so that we can give you some video of the flight (not guaranteed but often provided). Finally, a small percentage of our passengers feel motion sick. If you have a history of this, please just take some medication and remember that it is generally not a good idea to have a huge meal before such a flight. Some flights can be very smooth and others are a bit more dynamic. Let us know if you have a strong preference for either. 

It is your responsibility to let us know if you have any special considerations (i.e. pregnant, over 210 lbs. physical limitations, injuries, etc.). We don’t take people who are pregnant, but we can take just about anyone else. Still, we want to know ahead of time if you have any special considerations. Also, if you want to bring a friend to fly with you, we can arrange another pilot so you can be in the air at the same time. 

WHERE: Depending on the weather conditions, we meet at either the north or the south side of the Point of the Mountain. When searching online, you can look for “Steep Mountain Dr. - Draper, UT” for the North Side or “Flight Park Road, Lehi, UT” for the South Side. The South Side flights (typically in the AM) are more predictable and the North Side Flights (PM typically) are more 3D and spectacular. We can also take you for a Paramotor Tandem at a variety of locations. They are slightly more expensive. 

WAIVERS: Fill out the forms to the best of your ability. If you have any questions, we can talk about them when we fly. Don’t worry about the fees that are referred to on the waivers; we have all of that taken care of for you.

  1. You can fill out these forms online. —> 
  1. https://www.smartwaiver.com/w/5705296e74172/web/
  2. https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5a70dd5b3dd2e/web/


2) And this one —> https://fs22.formsite.com/uhgpga/v6bywm0wrk/index.html use instructor member # 59103, the school is Super Fly Inc. and choose the daily membership, pay by check option. We will take care of the rest. You don’t need to send payment. 

3) There will be one more to fill out at the hill. It will look like this, so if you want to take some time to read it ahead of time, here it is —> http://www.ushpa.aero/forms/Info_USHPA_Release_Waiver.pdf

This is going to be a blast! Let us know if you have any questions. If you think you might like to learn to paraglide or want to take an introductory lesson just let us know. We are always teaching people to fly and helping people to have their first solo flight.

Looking forward to it!

Chris Santacroce

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