} Supair Acro 4 - available in new sand color too!
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Supair Acro 4 - available in new sand color too!



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    The geometry of the harness derives from the ACRO3, the reference in the ACRO world. Highly precise steering, mono block comfort to be as one with the wing in all maneuvers. The straps are now securely fastened to the chest strap for easier play on the ground.

    Hours on end flying and running with the ACRO 3 let Théo, Tim, Raul and the SUPAIR designers overhaul the entire structure of the harness for a heightened end product.

    All the riser sleeves are bigger, some are made of extensible material to easily accommodate any type of emergency parachute bridles (notably Rogallo type).

    The parachute pockets have overlapping flaps offering an excellent container closing. Both parachute handles fit into the harness, are easy to grab, and highly visible without impeding manipulation.

    The ACRO 4 is more equipped than the ACRO 3 and is delivered with multiple accessories.

  • Sizes
  • mesure_harnesses

    S M L
    Pilot size (cm) 150-170 165 /185 180 /195
    Pilot weight (mini – maxi) (kg) 60-80 65 – 85 75 – 105
    Complete harness weight (g) 5700 5900 6100
    A Backrest height(cm) 70 73 78
    B Backrest tilt adjustments (cm) 38 40 40
    C Seat depth  (cm) 42 42 45
    D Seat width (cm) 33 35 38
    E Hooking point height (cm) 43 45 48
    F Length between the hooking points  (cm) 41 – 52 41 – 52  41 – 52 

  • Safety
  •  A – BUMPAIR 17 CM

  • Specifications
  • Piloting
    Acro, cross
    Seated upright or reclined posture using a foot-rest (compatible with Retractable 20-mm foot-rest)

    Two parachute pockets: dorsal with left handle location, and beneath the seat plate (steerable parachutes able)
    Bumpair 17 cm
    Self-locking 30mm carabiners
    45 mm stainless steel self-locking carabiners
    ABS (Anti Balancing System)
    Compatible with releasable carabiners

    Gear / comfort
    Accelerator/speed-bar pulleys
    Stiffened backrest with breathable fabric
    Removable chest strap foam padding
    Smoke flare container Velcro® fastener

    Expendable dorsal storage pocket
    Two zipping lateral storage pockets

    Shoulder straps length adjustment
    Leg straps adjustments (stability)
    Seat plate tilt adjustment
    Backrest side trim adjustments
    Backrest tilt adjustment with additional lumbar support
    Speedbag length and incline adjustments

    Cordura 500D

    Norme LTF In progress…
    Norme EN 1651 In progress…

  • Included
  • This harness is delivered with the following items :

    –  2 Twist-lock 45 mm Zicral SUPAIR Carabiners
    – 8 O-rings
    – 2 Maillons Rapides® Inox 7 mm
    – 2 Maillons Rapides® Inox 6 mm
    – BUMPAIR 17
    – Dyneema risers (2 pairs)
    – Handle “A4S” (for right handle)
    – Handle “A4B” (for Left handle)
    – Size S: reinforced wooden ACRO seat plate S 33×34
    – Size M: reinforced wooden ACRO seat plate M 35×37
    – Size L: reinforced wooden ACRO seat plate L 37×37
    – User guide (CD)

  • Team Pilot Reviews
  • “This harness was highly anticipated, it has been a real challenge overcoming the Acro3, but they did it! I’m really happy to Fly the Acro4 today! Really comfortable with a very good transmission which allows an ultra precise piloting I enjoy. I also appreciate the large back storage pocket who fit with all the gear I need for a long acro training session. The reserve containers are compact and better finished. Welcome to the Acro4 !”
    Horacio Llorens

    “I love flying with the ACRO-4 because its backrest support is superior to that of the ACRO-3, giving me better piloting precision and freedom of movement in the most committed figures. The changes made make it more enjoyable on a daily basis to carry, takeoff and fly with. It additionally kept all the ACRO-3’s assets I really liked.” 
    Theo de Blic

    “I feel good flying the Acro4, we kept the Acro3’s frame who was really comfortable. Very precise and easy to play with, it’s also great to handle on the ground, Acro3’s defects have disappeared to get close to perfection! In addition, the Acro4 offers huge seat depth adjustment to low the gravity center to precisely adjust his position and go further on the mastery of maneuvers.” 
    Tim Alongi