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Reserve Repack



Product Details

Note: We find ourselves extremely busy with repacks and inspections of the products that we sell. We are not performing repacks and inspections on other brands at this time. Please circle back with us if you are unable to find service for your equipment. If you do own product from brands that we sell, then please fill out this FORM before sending your reserve.  (CLICK HERE)

You can expect a quick turnaround by our experts to inspect and repack your reserve.  We give you the comfort of mind knowing that your reserve will be in great shape for when you need it the most.

This service includes inspection, repack, and installation into your reserve deployment bag.  Additional shipping and handling for installing into your harness.

Your shipping address at checkout will be the address to which we return your reserve. We recommend attaching an ID tag to your reserve bridle in some way. Please take pictures of your reserve system as you disassemble it for repack and shipment to us to aid in the re-installation of your reserve after repack. 


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