} Nova Foot Stirrup
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Nova Foot Stirrup


Product Details

Nova Foot Stirrup - when properly connected can be of use for transitioning from the running position to the seated position. This enables the pilot to keep the hands free to feel positive pressure in the brakes during the critical moment after takeoff.

User beware: this product should be connected by an instructor and should be confirmed to not interfere with the reserve handle, the speed bar etc. Also, this should be connected in such a way that it does not pull on the harness in a way that the harness was not designed for. 

This may also be used on a paramotor. 

If you have any questions about how to connect the stirrup then please send a picture of your installation to service@superflyinc.com or text to 801 706 6076. We want to make sure that the stirrup is connected in the best possible way. All harnesses are different. Please consult with your instructor before using the stirrup. An improperly installed stirrup can dislodge the reserve or make it so it won't deploy.  An improperly installed stirrup can damage the harness. 

Use at your own risk with harnesses not spefically designed for use with a particular harness. 

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