} Nova Bantam 2
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Nova Bantam 2



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The ultimate in lightness. 

Designed for hike & fly, climb & fly and vol biv, ultra-lightweight products are built to be as light and compact as possible. To achieve this, we use the lightest materials and technologies available - but never at the expense of safety! For the longest possible enjoyment of the product, we recommend particularly careful handling of the equipment.

Consistent at top speed. 

Using thin webbing at the leading edge, the upper and lower surfaces are connected in the middle of each cell. This promotes leading edge solidity in flight, which is particularly beneficial to performance when flying at speed.

Smart stuff. 

What we mean by that is, for example, Nitinol. This material can be bent when packing the equipment, but it always returns to its original shape. This characteristic can be very useful! In paragliders, the high-quality Nitinol rods replace the usual nylon rods. They are even more robust and ensure an optimally shaped airfoil contour. In harnesses, the properties of Nitinol are used, among other things, to ensure that the airbag fills with air before take off.

Technical data

    12 14
Number of cells   33
Projected span m 6,4 7,0
Projected area 12,1 14,0
Projected aspect ratio   3,4 3,5
Flat span m 8,0 8,6
Flat area 14,4 16,2
Flat aspect ratio   4,5
Distance pilot – canopy m 4,3 4,5
Total line length m 157,6 170,0
Max. chord m 2,2 2,4
Min. chord m 0,5 0,5
Weight kg 1,6 1,8
Certified take off weight kg 60-90 55-100
Certification   EN/LTF D EN C/LTF D

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