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Nova Altus Harness



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  • At only 3.5 kilograms the ALTUS is extraordinarily light, extremely comfortable and for its class, has a unique level of safety: under the seat is a ready for action Pre-inflated Airbag. This airbag is shaped using a durable foam mesh. Once in the air, the airbag also supports the pilot’s back.

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  • High passive safety despite little weight, thanks to the Pre-inflated airbag.
    The rescue container is enclosed within the airbag; the parachute handle is individually adjustable.
    The left hang point is red, the right green – this helps to avoid incorrectly connecting the risers. 
    The leg loops are also differentiated by colour: left is green, right is red.
    The leg and chest straps are separate in order to improve the pilot’s feeling of connection to the harness and additionally to avoid the leg loops getting in the way during groundhandling.
    The buckle on the chest strap is connected to a leg loop with a safety strap.
    A handy pouch can be used to store a camera or muesli bars – it is within easy reach and secured with a zip.
    A piece of Velcro on the shoulder strap permits easy attachment of a mini-vario or SPOT device.
    The panel on the bottom of the harness can be replaced – any evidence of an untidy landing can be removed easily (for more info see the Abrasion Protector section below)

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