} NEO Rocket Biner
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NEO Rocket Biner


Product Details

The NEO Rocket Carabiner set is designed specifically for flying and was made to be trusted. The 10cm aluminum cylinder features a wide gate opening to fit any wing and boasts a wide flat base to fit on any harness. This carabiner is certified to be loaded on several axis at once, and holds the gate closed with aa auto lock system. It weighs 64g, two colors, one size fits all applications.


Name: Rocket Automatic Carabiner
Accessories: paragliding, speedflying, speedriding harness
Type: light asymmetric carabiner with autolock locking
Geometry: asymmetric with flat base to fit all types of harnesses and risers, with a high breaking strength
Concept: the geometry allows loading on several axis of the harness. The asymmetric shape maintains the loading axis for the best perfomance whatever the size of the risers. Made from an aluminium cylinder of 10mm. Wide gate opening to attach the risers easily. Auto lock system to avoid aluminium fatigue.
Locking system: autolock, automatic
Breaking strength: 26Kn
Certification : EN362
Size: one size
Weight: 64g
Life time: replace every 5 years
Material: Aluminium
Manufacturing: made by AustriAlpin Austria

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