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MiniBip Stodeus *** Back in Stock***


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Discover your first thermals.

The miniBip is a simple and accessible variometer.


Easy to handle, the miniBip benefits from Stodeus’ 10 years of experience in audio variometers. It does not require any specific settings, the vario response is intuitive and the sound is clear, with a progressive tone in frequency and repetition. You switch it on just before take-off and make the most of your flight. Its beeps will set the tempo of your first flights in thermals.

The miniBip is the only instrument in the Stodeus range to run exclusively on its internal battery, without a solar cell. Wherever you are, recharge it via USB, and set off for hundreds of hours of flight.

Its compact design and ultralight weight of 24g make the miniBip the lightest instrument in the Stodeus range. Always leave it on your equipment, whether it’s for days when flights follow one another or for a hike&fly day.

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