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Level Wings Fury



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  • Note: There are no color options.

    8m is orange

    9m is green

    10.2m is duck

    The FURY is our ultimate Speedriding wing and pushes the limits of what is possible in the sport. We have worked every angle on this gilder to deliver the highest level of performance.

    The FURY has a huge dynamic range and is one of the most skiable for such a high flight performance. The brake range is large yet extremely precise to allow for the toughest and biggest of descents.

    The wing is designed with an advanced structure & line set giving it extraordinary flight performance and allowing the pilot to finesse his ride or flight at full speeds. The riser system allows rear piloting and a stunning control of the gliding angle, expanding the range of possibilities.

    The Fury is built to be the purest Speedriding and high-speed proximity-flying wing we could imagine It is one of the fastest wings, at some of the largest angles you can find in the market giving you ultimate control.

    … are you ready for the FURY?


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