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Level Wings Flame



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  • Note: There are no color options.

    8m is dark green and lime

    9m is red/orange

    11m is orange/gold

    13m is green/mustard

    16m is royal blue/cyan

    19m is black/grey

    Developed for smooth downhill flights, hike and fly, soaring in gentle to strong winds or pushing terrain flying, the FLAME is our best all-round, multi-use wing for all levels of pilot experience.

    The wide range of wing sizes allows you to work your way down from larger Mini Wings to smaller Speedflying Wings, as your experience and skill improves.

    The FLAME has a great glide ratio at its flat-trim position and provides quick and obvious feedback to the pilot, allowing for stress free takeoffs from many different launch sites. Depending on the strength of the wind and terrain, the large sizes are suitable for gentle soaring flights with the midrange great for those wanting to progress to soaring in stronger winds.

    The larger sizes of wings can even fly XC on strong days allowing the pilot to core in thermals with confidence. The wing feedback is efficient and simple and with a larger than normal brake range, increases the steering comfort and forgives inaccuracies. These wings can also be used for powered flying (paramotoring) increasing your potential for fun!

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