Kortel Kontainer V2 Front Container



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  • Product Details
  • The Kontainer V2 is a compact front mount reserve container for any paragliding harness. Available in two sizes to fit most modern solo reserves.

    The Kontainer V2 is connected directly to the supplied reserve bridles, which should then be connected to the main connection points of the harness (karabiners or maillons).

    If you prefer to connect the reserve bridles to the shoulders (for a better landing position) this is easy to do: disconnect the Kontainer V2 from the reserve bridles and attach it directly to the main connection points of the harness.

    A retaining strap prevents pendulum movements that can make it difficult to grasp the handle in extreme situations.

    The new emergency handle is designed for easy handling, whether for the left or right hand. It is large to grasp easily, even with thick gloves.

    The Kontainer V2 is available in two sizes to fit most modern solo reserves*.

  • Sizes
  • Size



    For Ultralight reserves Standard reserves
    Weight** 200g 210g

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  • Condition New
    Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
    Model Status Current model