} Kortel Frontal Kontainer V4
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Kortel Frontal Kontainer V4



Product Details

Kontainer V4 Features:

Ergonomic handle - Easy extraction for both left & right handed.

Single anchor for the risers - the risers are connected to the konatiner & to the harness at the same time.

Holding strap - prevents the rescue from flipping over in case of a large collapse, making extraction impossible.

Velcro instruments - Velcro surface for small instruments.

Guide sleeve - a removable sheath is available for connecting the risers to the shoulder straps.

Konnect system - integrated Konnect system. 

The Kontainer V4 is available in two sizes, to fit all possible rescue sizes.

size S, for ultra light rescues :

Krisis UL80/UL95/UL115

Karre 100

Krisis Rogallo II Light 100

size L, for ultra light rescues :

Krisis UL115

Karre 125

Krisis Rogallo II 130

Krisis Rogallo II Light 130

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