} Kortel Sak Kolibri 80L Backpack
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Kortel Sak Kolibri 80L Backpack



Product Details

Awesome compliment to the Kolibri Harness. Available with optional Kolibri Top Flap 20L.


The Kolibri harness has been designed for hike & fly and bivouac flight pilots, but one thing was missing: a good carrying backpack.

Here comes the Kolibri backpack, equipped with all the necessary functions for hike & fly and bivouac flight pilots:

  • Glider protection bag, dimensioned for the backpack.
  • Unique compression system of the glider, which optimizes the overall volume.
  • Framed structure for excellent carrying comfort.
  • Internal protection against perspiration.
  • Simple zipper, to open part or all of the volume.
  • Many lateral pockets, accessible while walking.
  • Walking sticks fixing system, to stow away the sticks without putting down the backpack.
  • Shoulder pockets for water bottles etc.
  • Small zipped top pocket for valuables.
  • Rain cover.
  • Possibility to increase the volume with a top flap of 20L (optional).
  • Volume: 80 L

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