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High Adventure Pizi Touch



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The Pizi is our 3-season glove for spring temperatures or high-Alpine situations above freezing level.
An absolute high performer for all free flight sports. Made with the latest technology from selected high-tech materials, the Pizi plays in the absolute top league. Thanks to its perfect fit and workmanship, it wears like a second skin and does a great job while ground handling, adjusting the straps, operating the instruments and on the bar. A technical superstar.

The Pizi glove offers everything to be ideally protected from wind and weather while paragliding from spring to autumn. The robust digital leather and the soft softshell material on the backhand combine optimal protection with the highest wearing comfort. Both materials have been hydrophobised so that the glove has water- repellent properties. An absolute highlight of the glove is the cosy, soft and pleasantly warm SK Ionix wool lining, which gives a pleasantly warm feeling from the moment you slip it on and warms and protects the sensitive pulse area. The GORE-TEX InfiniumTM lining guarantees 100% windproofness and ensures comfort in the hand area, while at
the same time providing maximum grip. A layer of Lavalan® sheep‘s wool insulation has been incorporated on the backhand to keep the hands pleasantly warm. The Pizi has touch technology on the thumb and index finger, which enables the operation of smart devices. The detachable catch strap prevents the glove from getting lost when you take it off.

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