} High Adventure Beamer 3 Extension Kit
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High Adventure Beamer 3 Extension Kit


Product Details

The Beamer 3's risers are set up for shoulder mounting as standard. A pair of short extensions are needed for main carabiner (front container) attachment. This makes it so that the Beamer is comfortably steerable with brake toggles easily accessible. Without the extension, the toggles are too low for comfortable steering.

Package includes: 1 red and 1 green short extension plus 2 Rubber O Rings 21mm.

The Beamer 3 can be stowed in a front container or a harness reserve compartment.

The reserve risers marked “L” & “R” will be fixed on the relevant left and right (in the direction of flight) hand sides of the harness on the main carabiners (front container) or shoulder harness loops.

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