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Gin Genie Race 3



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  • Streamline performance

    The Genie Race 3 is the ultimate harness for competition and committed XC pilots who demand the highest standards of aerodynamic efficiency, comfort and safety.


    Aerodynamic efficiency

    The new low-drag profile was designed in consultation with Professor Adrian Thomas of the University of Oxford. The shape is inspired by F1 racing cars, with every aspect being optimized. A new low-drag nose design cuts through the air, turbulent airflow around the pilot's head and shoulders is minimised, and the new AIF system provides the cleanest possible trailing edge. Medical-grade titanium wire was added for better aerocone inflation and shape retention and a new, low-drag neoprene fabric has been used for the cocoon. Extensive prototyping and flight testing has resulted in a smooth finish we are proud of. Truely no expense was spared in the pursuit of maximum flying performance.


    Comfort and convenience

    The seat has a more ergonomic shape to help the pilot achieve the most comfortable and efficient flying position, and the new cocoon structure adds increased support to the legs in flight. A long period of testing by GIN Team pilots in competitions has resulted in the most convenient placement of options for instruments and for storage of other personal effects.



    The Genie Race 3 can be flown with either one or two rescues depending on the option chosen (Front rescue deck or flight deck). Using the front rescue deck for the 2nd rescue provides the option to deploy on either side, and the front position is the best position in the event of a deployment under conditions of high G forces. The front rescue deck includes a removeable instrument panel and 5L ballast container, the flight deck has a removeable instrument panel and a 10L ballast container.


  • More Info
  • - Double-bladed hook knife can even cut webbing

    - G-chute pocket (for "Anti-G" type drag chute)

    - 14cm mousse bag

    - large back pocket with pouches and routing for a hydration system (Camelbak) and radio, plus a zipper pocket for secure storage of small items

    - under seat pocket

    - SPOT/instrument pocket on shoulder strap

    - 2 zipped side pockets

    - flight deck pocket

    - ballast spout

    - Carbon fibre seat plate and footplate

    - 3 step speed bar Delivered with Aerocone Inflatable Fairing system (AIF), rescue deployment bag, 14cm mousse bag, 3 step speed bar, 2 carabiners, carbon fibre seat plate and footplate 2 options available: Front rescue deck (5L ballast integrated) or flight deck (10L ballast integrated)

    For the best possible aerodynamic performance and comfort, it's important to spend some time ensuring that your Genie Race 3 is correctly adjusted. Please watch this video for further information.

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    < 175cm 170-185cm > 180cm
    The height information in the table is a guideline only.


    S M L
    6.7kg 7.2kg 7.7kg
    Weight does not include carabiners

    Height of main attachment:

    S M L
    41cm 42cm 43cm