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Flymaster LIVE DS *NEW*



Product Details

Your sixth sense in flight

The most complete free-flying instrument ever created. For the most demanding pilot, focused on winning, whether in competition or cross-country.

Variometer/Altimeter Features

  • Buzzer/near thermal sound
  • Ultra sensitive Variometer with 10 readings per second and 10 cm resolution
  • Configurable vario digital filter and integration values
  • Fully configurable Vario Sound (frequency, increments, frequency/vertical speed relation,….)
  • Adjustable Sound Levels
  • Automatic mute, keeps vario silent until takeoff
  • Altitude adjustment using QNH
  • Automatic altitude adjustment from GPS
  • 2 independent altimeters
  • Memory Features

    • 3D flight logger IGC format

    3D Airspace

    • Display of restricted areas in map
    • Adjustable voice warning of vertical distance to a restricted area
    • Adjustable voice warning of horizontal distance to a restricted area
    • Display of shortest vertical, and horizontal distance to restricted area
    • Restricted area voice alarms (Altitude imminent, Position imminent, Violation, …)
    • Critical Airspace page (displays information about areas that are closer than a defined distance)
    • Airspaces browser
    • Worldwide Airspace database


    • Detailed colored maps with topographic data
    • With configurable layers

    Cross Country Features

    • Exclusive Thermal Ball indicator
    • Several specific data fields like distance to take off, current and average glide ratio, average speed, etc.
    • Distance to last thermal indexed with altitude
    • Goto waypoint
    • Multiple waypoint route
    • Wind Speed and Direction (GPS based calculations)
    • Automatic altitude gain profiler
    • Nearby Landings (displays required glide ratio and distance to all the landings which can be reached)

    Competition Features

    • Route Optimization (indication for shortest route point)
    • Speed to Start (optimal speed to make the start)
    • Arriving altitude at next waypoint and goal (considering wind)
    • Several Glide Ratios (to goal, average, to next,…)
    • Easy task definition
    • Task Navigation, configurable safety/risk margin on turn points.
    • Task Map (trace with thermal indication)

    Live Tracking

    • Upload of flight data to repositories using the GSM network (compatible with several repositories like Leonardo XC server, XContest, DHV)
    • Automatic almost real time flight data sending to a remote live tracking server through GSM network. (compatible with several servers like Flymaster, LiveTrack24, DHV, etc)
    • On demand sending of predefined messages to a server (eg. Need Assistance, Need Retrieval, etc)
    • Automatic data receiving from a remote server like alarm messages, task definition, etc
    • Small LTE-M/GPRS data usage (considering that communication is not lost, in average, requires 25KB per flight/hour)


    Compatible with MacOS (10.13 and higher), Windows (7/8/10)

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