} Fly NEO X-Ride Speedriding Glider
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Fly NEO X-Ride Speedriding Glider


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  • Product Details
  • The X-Ride is faster, steeper, and more precise than any other speedriding wing on the market. No other wing « follows » a riding skier more naturally. It is less sensitive to roll and pitch, and easy at low speeds. The energy retention and dynamic take off abilities are also at the peak of today’s speedriding performance.

    The SAS (Steep Active System) allows direct pilot input for steep dives and calculated arc recoveries. It allows the pilot to maneuver on steep terrain, and to fly straighter freeride lines.

    In addition to the SAS, a trimmer range of 5cm trimmers adapts your global glide angle to the slope. This trimmer is located on the back of the riser, and is adjustable in flight.

  • Technical Details
  • Name: X-Ride

    Wing: speedriding

    Type: expert + competition rider

    Geometry: 4/2.5 lines diagonals canopy. Plastic battens.

    Concept: canopy for the best riders, able to go steep and fast, easy to slow down and ski. The best energy retention + extrem precise handling + the best barrel roll performance and characteristics.

    Certification: load test 6G

    Sizes: 8 – 9 – 10

    Weight: 2 to 2.5 kg

    Risers : A + B + SAS system

    Bag : delivered with NEO speedriding rucksack + NEO fast pack

    Main materials: Skytex double coating 42 gr, Cousin ultimate Dyneema, Technisangles 22mm, Maillons Peguet

    Materials: made in Europe

    Manufacturing: made in France

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  • Materials/Features
    • We use the double coated fabric «Everlast» from Porcher Sport, made less
    • than 2 hours away from our workshop. We are the first to use this fabric on
    • mini-gliders.
    • Plastic patterns for a better durability. They replace the Mylar that
    • creases easily. We searched for the ideal thickness and hardness to be more
    • efficient in Speedriding.
    • Markers on the center of the canopy on the leading and trailing edge, to
    • make easier the preparation and handling on the ground.
    • Cousin Ultimate sparse lines, easier handling and preparing
    • 2 risers with 5cm trimmers with SAS system, using a computer pattern sewing machine.
    • Trimmer on the back of the riser, adjustable in flight or fixed in the
    • neutral position.
    • Ergonomic break handles
    • Delivered with NEO speed rucksack with ski holders and NEO fast pack.