} FLY NEO The String Cover Leg
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FLY NEO The String Cover Leg



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  • Removable cocoon stretch leg cover for the String harness to fly warm.  Optional front container for rescue.


    When Hike & Fly flights are extended by thermals, a longer flight can mean longer exposure to lower temperatures at altitude. NEO has created the solution: a leg cover for the String. Attach it with one Velcro strap in the back, pass it through the carabiners, and then fix the carbon plate lines. Within 2 minutes the String Cover Leg is ready to fly. In addition to being super easy to install, it’s as light as outerwear pants but much warmer in the air.

    The « NEO Balance System » integrates in the new String harness and automatically trims the position of your back depending on how your legs push on the Leg Cover carbon foot plate. It creates a mini cocoon harness that weighs less than 750 grams! (The String harness 325 g + Leg Cover 410 g).

    The material choice yields an ultralight and ultra-durable piece of equipment. One of our European suppliers has created a light Dyneema fabric for us. Dyneema fibers offer the best ratio of strength/weight/durability. All NEO products are designed and constructed to be light, but also durable.

    An eyelet guides the speed system through the leg cover. The NEO front rescue container can also be added.

    Enjoy your flight without the frustration of needing to land because you are too cold. Now you can fly as long as you want!