} Fly Neo Shorty Speed Ride Harness
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Fly Neo Shorty Speed Ride Harness



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  • Product Details
  • NEO Shorty

    Fly and ride light, carry compact

    Original and exclusive bag/harness concept by NEO designed for a better integration of the bag in flight while having a light and comfortable harness and bag. The shorty comes with a KOROYD Propack back protection.
    Optional removable airbag.
    Optional Fidlock bottle to be fixed on the shoulder’s backpack.

    This harness has a leg straps ABS geometry with lateral inclination adjustments as well as a clamping strap between the 2 leg straps. The glider can be packed in the bag whether it is attached to the carabiners or not.

    For paragliding:

    This harness/rucksack contains ice pick and poles’ holders. Thanks to its volume, it is suitable for any type of glider folded in its compression or packing bag.

    Delivered with the flexible and integrated KOROYD Propack back protection designed to protect the spine against shocks and as an option the LTF certified removable airbag specially designed for this harness, everything was thought for more safety. It is also possible to order the harness with the NEO front container for the rescue.

    Due to its geometry and concept, this harness is extremely precise in thermals. Its inclination and depth were designed so the pilot stays closed to its glider, inducing a dynamic manoeuvrability, less fatigue while piloting and more stability; the glider and the harness are perfectly coordinated.

    For speedriding:

    The Shorty was designed in order to make it easy to switch from sitting to standing position. In addition, its geometry makes this harness incredibly comfortable no matter what the position of the skier is.

    The harness comes with the flexible and integrated KOROYD Propackback protection, a type of skiing protection which is to this day the lightest and most breathable protection in the world.

    Made of robust fabric extremely resistant to abrasion, and designed with a multitude of pockets, this harness is a very practical speedriding tool: 2 front pockets, one of which for the ski mask, 1 side Lycra pocket for the fast packing bag, 1 internal pocket for the shovel and probe, ski holders and the possibility to insert in the bag telescopic poles before taking off.

  • Technical Details
  • Harness: paragliding / speedriding / speedflying

    Type: light harness/backpack

    Geometry:  ABS leg straps. Leg straps harness/backpack with front opening

    Concept: original and exclusive NEO: non reversible harness/backpack

    Protection:  KOROYD Propack, 13 mm, CE1621-2 Level 1 certified, 150 g

    Optional protection: removable NEO Airbag LTF certified

    Certification: EN1651 + LTF + CE1621-2 Level 1

    Size: S – M – L

    Weight: 1,555 kg with protection (size M) and automatic carabiners

    Volume: 65L

    Rescue: front container and optional rescue risers

    Accessories: included KOROYD Propack back protection

    Buckles: manual NEO 20mm Aluminium 2047

    Carabiners: optional automatic NEO AUSTRIALPIN Rocket (64 g)

    Options: removable NEO airbag / Austrialpin Rocket Aluminium carabiners (64g) / NEO front container / Fidlock bottle (450 or 600 ml)

    Fabric: Polyamide, Cordura, Mesh3D polyester, PE foam, NEO aluminium manual buckles, leather

    Material: Origin Europe

    Fabrication: France