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Design and purpose

When we stopped the Hadron manufacture, there was increasing number of calls stating that the paraglider is being missed by some. It turns out that despite somewhat less performance than the XX, original Hadron offered incredible stability and simple operation. Hereby we are renewing its production, with sizes limited to the most poular and slightly altered colours. Hadron 1.1 does not feature the AFS (Aerodynamical Flap System), simplifying the risers and launch preparations.

Hadrons are tiny elementary particles, which speeded up can carry gigantic amounts of energy. Accordingly, the Hadron is fast, energetic and can lift a lot.

The paraglider is dedicated for the frequent and experienced flyers, who have perfectly mastered the reflex glider specifics.
Hadron’s “reflexivity” is constant in all trimmer positions. At 5,9 aspect ratio its 59 cells look relatively modest, allowing for easy inflation and perfect internal pressure distribution. Synthetic rods on its leading edge bring considerably better launch characteristics and stability at high speeds.


70-11- DOM 4/16 Maroon Black White 2D


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