Companion SQR - Paragliding Reserve Parachute

Companion SQR - Paragliding Reserve Parachute



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  • Product Details
  • The Hybrid SQR is the first product from Companion and is a paragliding reserve parachute. It founds a new generation of reserve parachute, which merges the advantages of the classic round canopy and the cross version into an innovative and forward-looking technology. The SQR has been newly developed from the start and is precisely directed to meet the needs of pilots and packers.

    Countless computer simulations and practical tests have been an essential part of an extensive development process. The result is a reserve with aerodynamically enhanced pendelum stability, not trimmed to track in flight. The standard example the Companion is one of the lightest reserve parachutes at present: but an ultra-light version is under development.

  • Technology
  • Companion SQR Reserve

    The Technology

    For the first time in the paragliding market Companion introduces a reserve whose development has been based on authentic computational flow analysis, verified by an extensive progression of practical tests. At the core of CFD analysis is a continuous feedback system, which repeatedly recalculates, many times over, an analysis of the deformation and strain on the reserve in the air, each time taking into account all that has gone before. This is an important aspect for reserve parachute analysis because these deform a lot due to their pronounced curvature. Our own simulation software and test vehicle makes it possible to make a multiplicity of numerical CFD analyses, as well as deployment tests. At the moment this approach is unique in rescue parachute development. *CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Sizing
  • Reserve Area Max TOW Sink Rate Weight Packing Volume
    SQR 80 Light 20.3m 80 kg 5.3 m/s 834 g 1.8-2.8 L
    SQR 100 25.4m 100 kg 5.4 m/s 1258 g 3.0-5.2 L
    SQR 100 Light 25.4m 100 kg 5.4 m/s 973 g  2.5-3.5 L
    SQR 120 32.4m 120 kg 5.4 m/s 1534 g 3.5-5.6 L
    SQR 120 Light  32.4m 120 kg 5.4 m/s 1171 g 2.8-4.0 L
    SQR 140 37.8m 140 kg 5.4 m/s 1707 g 3.7-5.9 L
    SQR 160 42m 160 kg 5.3 m/s 1927 g 4.0-6.5 L
    SQR 160 HG 42m 160 kg 5.3 m/s 2388 g 4.0-6.5 L
    SQR 220 61.9m 220 kg 5.3 m/s 2357 g 6.0-9.4 L


  • Technical Data