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Charly Li-ion Polarheat Gloves



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Charly's innovative Li-Ion battery heating system

Unlike less flexible foil-based heating systems, which can only be installed on the back of hand and fingers, the soft textile heating wires of Charly's heated gloves run along the sides of the fingers and over the fingertips. This is crucial for warming the whole hand, because it takes into account the body's reaction in extreme cold to conduct the blood away from the extremities to the inside of the body to supply the vital organs there.
The protected positioning of the heating wires between the fingers also has the advantage that the heat loss to the outside is minimized. Therefore, the gloves heat noticeably warmer and longer.

As the cuffs of Charly's heated gloves are equipped with two battery pockets each, it is possible to connect a second Charly high performance Li-Polymer 7.4V/2Ah/14.8Wh battery pack per glove. Depending on the heating level, the heating time with one battery charge is then up to 10 hours. No battery heated gloves can provide more heating power!
The flat, flexibly connected Charly Li-Ion battery packs are hardly noticeable in the gloves, can be recharged many times and last for years if used and stored properly.  


  • 3 heating levels, each indicated by a red, blue or green LED integrated in the power button
  • Temperature of heating wires: Red approx. 60°C, Blue approx. 44°C, Green approx. 22°C
  • Heating time with 1 battery per glove: Red 1h 45m, Blue 2h 30m, Green 5h
  • Heating time with 2 batteries per glove: Red 3h 30m, Blue 5h, Green 10h
  • The charge level indicator on the glove allows to optimize the heating time.
  • Charger for charging up to 4 batteries simultaneously
  • Conductive leather on the index finger and thumb makes it possible to operate smartphones and tablets with a touch screen without taking off the gloves. 
  • All Charly Li-Ion glove models include a practical textile bag for storing the gloves, charger and batteries.

Sizes (hand circumference in cm at finger base without thumb):

  • S = 18,0-21,0 cm
  • M = 20,5-22,0 cm
  • L = 21,5-23,5 cm
  • XL = 22,5-24,5 cm
  • XXL= 24,0-26,0 cm

If you are unsure between two sizes, we recommend the larger size.

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