} Charly Finsterwalder Quick Out Carabiners
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Charly Finsterwalder Quick Out Carabiners



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  • Product Details

    **This product is a pair of carabiners

    FINSTERWALDER’S rapid separation Quick-Out carabiners (also known as Quick-Outs) can be utilized when a trustworthy connection is necessary and a rapid separation is required, even under load.

    Apart from the additional rescue possibilities that the Quick-Out offers by emergency landings in water, trees or high winds, it also proves advantageous when hooking in/out.

    In paragliding, Quick-Out carabiners can also be used for separating the pilot from their paraglider after successfully deploying their emergency reserve parachute system. As well, tandem paraglider pilots use Quick-Outs as a safety back-up to prevent getting dragged in strong winds.

    Quick-Out carabiners demand special care in handling.

    Optional Speed System Separators available for solo glider use.

    Quick Out User Manual 

  • Features
    • Breaking load: 4000 DaN*, 2.000 DaN* individually tested
    • No gate play, thus fatigue endurable with unlimited hours of usage for 150 DaN* hauled load!
    • Double-button locking with multiple safety steps
    • Replacement interval: 8 years, unlimited hours of usage
    • Housing drop-forged from Titanal, insert made from high-strength aluminium alloy 7075 T6
    • Weight: 200 g / pcs.