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Vittorazi Atom 80 *MY20*


Product Details

With our Atom 80 on your shoulders you will feel ready to set off on new adventures, with a smile. Because of its lightness it is easy to use, it is both silent and brilliant with attractive aesthetics. The Atom 80 is able to satisfy both the needs of those who are starting to fly now, thanks to its ease of use and maintenance, and of those who are already experienced pilots and want an agile product. It’s also the ideal engine for flying schools, designed for everyone, to fly safely, thanks to the right amount of power and the possibility of simple management.


The MY ’20 version has new features: new design, new fusion technology of the engine crankcase and of the reduction drive. Then, a new carburetor, a reinforced silencer plate, a new clutch design with noise damper and much more, for an engine that is able to offer you higher performances and greater stability. The quality of production is approved by Vittorazi.

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