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Level Wings Flame Light



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  • Note: There are no color options.

    9m is red

    11m is orange

    13m is lime

    16m is blue

    19m is red

    We made the FLAME in a lightweight version for all of your adventures, from mountaineering to holiday trips. The FLAME LIGHT will pack down to a size that will not make you even think twice to add it to your backpack or suit case. Weighing less than 1kg less than the standard versions, we have chosen the perfect strength to weight ratio for all types of missions.

    The FLAME LIGHT is modelled on the FLAME which is the latest foot-launch Speedflying wing from Level Wings. Developed for smooth downhill flights, hike and fly, soaring in gentle to strong winds or pushing terrain flying, the FLAME is our best all-round, multi-use wing for all levels of pilot experience.

    The wing is also perfect for high altitude mountaineering because of the short line geometry based on Speedflying, giving the wing more structural solidity and easier launch characteristics’ than a typical Mini Wing. This makes it one the best gliders for high peaks or morning hike and fly missions giving confidence throughout the whole flight..

    We reduced the weight notably throughout the glider while keeping durability and ease of use at the forefront of the design. A wing that will last longer than your typical “ultralight” gliders and give you more confidence in those rugged and hard to get places, time and time again. Lines are thin but stay sleeved in low parts, and risers stay in clean thin webbing for further security.

    The Perfect partner for all your adventures!!!

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