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  • LIGHTNESS 3 – Ready to Transit

    The new LIGHTNESS 3 offers comprehensive comfort both in flight and handling, and there’s even more protection. A new choice of standard or light speedbag results in a wider range of uses; there’s also the option of a windshield, which significantly raises flying comfort on long distance flights.

    All-embracing comfort
    Redesigned suspension and chest strap geometry distinguishes the LIGHTNESS 3 by its excellent comfort in flight – especially when accelerated – and high stability. The seat shell fits every pilot’s body perfectly, and protects it where necessary. Dealing with the harness on the ground, e.g. speedbag adjustment, is entirely straightforward.

    Modular System
    The new options and configuration choices make this third generation of LIGHTNESS modular and flexible as never before. Considering prepared weight alone, the possible variance of the S size (2.75 kg up to 3.37 kg) suggests a large range of use – for example a several day bivouac expedition or, perhaps, a new cross country record.

    Useful Details
    The LIGHTNESS 3 incorporates a number of important details, including SAS-TEC back protection, ample back pocket, drink pouch holder, optional speedbag access line, relief tube channel, cockpit power cable access and loops for fixing to the chest strap, and easy-to-move setting balls for adjusting the Standard speedbag length.


    Protector and SAS-TEC back protection
    More protection with each generation: the first LIGHTNESS only had comfort foam, then came the LIGHTNESS 2 with a certified foam protector under the seat. Now, the LIGHTNESS 3 also has removable visco-elastic SAS-TEC crash protection along the whole back.


    Even more comfort
    Among no-seatboard light XC harnesses the LIGHTNESS 2 set the standard for comfort. The LIGHTNESS 3 is even better. As a result of reengineered suspension and chest strap geometry this third generation of LIGHTNESS has a perfect balance between harness damping and wing feedback.



    Using the optional Windshield
    The optional Windshield reduces windchill factor on the pilot and markedly reduces undesirable body cooling. In transition flight it also reduces the continuous wind noise level, especially when accelerated. The Windshield therefore significantly reduces pilot tiredness due to persistant noise on very long cross country flights.



    Light speedbag
    For the LIGHTNESS 3 pilots can choose between a Standard and Light speedbag. With the Light speedbag, and the SAS-TEC back component removed, the LIGHTNESS 3 S size weighs only 2.75 kg, the M 2.90 kg and the L 3.15 kg. And this with the same comfort as the previous LIGHTNESS 2, but with improved stability in flight.



    The LIGHTNESS 3 comes with a LIGHTPACK 3. This is available in two sizes (83 and 91 litres), and is 100 gms lighter than the LIGHTPACK 2. You can choose the size as you wish. At a weight of 740 gms, with ergonomic shoulder straps and padded mesh back the LIGHTPACK 3 conforms to the lowest weight/highest comfort principle.



    The LIGHTNESS 3 comes with a COMPRESSBAG. This replaces the usual glider inner bag and results in a compact rucksack with more spare stowage space. It exactly matches the LIGHTPACK 3 measurements and so further improves rucksack carrying comfort.


    Weight spectrum from 2.75 kg


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  • FAQs
  • Are the speedbag sizes interchangeable with the different harness sizes
    Yes. Any LIGHTNESS 3 can take any of the speedbag sizes.


    Are the speedbags interchangeable with other ADVANCE harnesses?
    No, only within the same model series. A LIGHTNESS 3 cannot be fitted with a LIGHTNESS 2 or IMPRESS speedbag, for example, because of different protector thicknesses and other harness dimensions.

    Can the optional Windshield also fit the light speedbag?
    No. For weight reasons the optional Windshield is only intended for the standard speedbag.

    Why does the light speedbag not have a detachable cockpit panel?
    The Light speedbag cockpit has a sewn-in panel. The weight saving priority excludes an extra detachable addition. But a cockpit plate can be fitted to the Light speedbag, and can be obtained separately.


    Can all paraglider models be packed in the COMPRESSBAG?
    Basically yes, but maybe not 2-liners with extra-long leading edge and C wires.


    What is the inflating neck section for?
    The LIGHTNESS 3 has an inflating neck collar, like the LIGHTNESS 2. This streamlines the dead air region behind the pilot’s head and reduces afterbody drag. In addition it improves the look of the harness silhouette. During flight this LIGHTNESS 3 collar fills automatically from a small ram air intake on the harness side. This self-filling system allows the pilot full head freedom on the ground – convenient when looking overhead during a reverse pull up.


    How robust is the LIGHTNESS 3?
    The LIGHTNESS 3 is made from light materials. These also demonstrate the maximum robustness obtainable for their weight, but in terms of lifetime, resistance to abrasion and UV light, cannot be expected to achieve the values of conventional materials. The advice therefore is: Handle with care.

    Why is a LIGHTPACK 3 and COMPRESSBAG included in a LIGHTNESS 3 purchase?
    LIGHTNESS 3, LIGHTPACK 3 and the COMPRESSBAG were intended to go perfectly together, and create a compact unit. The rucksack was designed around the harness so that the total equipment requires minimal space. The weight of the rucksack then sits close to the carrier’s back when walking. The harness back pocket is also designed to ideally accept the LIGHTPACK 3. This allows space inside, next to the LIGHTPACK 3, for other important things like clothes, supplies, telescopic hiking poles etc. during flight.

    The full potential and efficiency of this system can only be enjoyed if all three components (LIGHTNESS 3, LIGHTPACK 3 and COMPRESSBAG) are used together. Compared with a reversible harness (harness and rucksack as one) the LIGHTNESS System provides significantly more flexibility.