} Advance Lightness 3 Paragliding Pod Harness
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Advance Impress 4



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  • Impress 4 – Accessible Throne

    The IMPRESS 4 is the first full-on cross country harness with a tail spoiler, and it's very small packed volume and lightweight from 6 kgs means that it can be folded and packed in every normal paraglider rucksack.

    The IMPRESS 4 has a seatboard, and thus closes a gap in our harness range. But it can also be flown without the seatboard, and so will meet a great variety of pilot requirements. We look forward to seeing you at St. Hilaire so that you can try a test sit in our latest M size prototypes.



    • Flying with or without seatboard
    • Two reserve compartments (left and right)
    • SAS-TEC Side crash protection
    • EN/LTF Certification
    • Anti-G braking parachute pocket
    • Ballast compartment
    • Optional Windshield
    • Incl. COMFORTPACK 3



  • Technical Data
  • Technical Details IMPRESS 4 S M L
    Pilot height cm 155-172 165-183 178-200
    Seating width cm 31 33 35
    Harness weight kg ~6.0 ~6.5 ~7.0



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