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Supair Delight 3



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  • Description


    The Delight 3 is a light cross country harness designed for pilots who want minimal weight, piloting precision added to high passive safety and comfort. Its design was based on the successful Delight 2 before substantially improving dorsal support, overall safety and accessorization.

    The Delight 3 is more geared toward cross country and high performance flying than it predecessors. Its internal structure is stiffer with a better lumbar support, and in line with precise piloting characteristics.

    Fastening the harness is done via two (Cobra) self-locking carabiners: simplicity, safety, handling ease (locking only one buckle still allows the pilot to be secured).

    During takeoff, the running phase is made easy (light Split-Leg harness), the transition from running to sitting, and Speedbag entry are instinctive. The Split-Leg design with a mini removable seat plate offers clean and precise piloting sensations.

    High passive safety: A new BUMPAIR 16STK provides excellent crash test results. The Split-Leg self-leveling sitting design brings excellent overall harness stability. Fastening the harness via self-locking carabiners is easy and secure. A security leash is also integrated to the harness.

    The reserve parachute pocket is completely enclosed using a zipper. The two pins locking mechanism is fully inclosed, thus preventing an unintentional catch and release/opening of the reserve parachute container. The harness profile is smooth and without protrusions.

  • Safety
  • Measures
  • S M L XL
    Pilot size (cm) 150/170  165 /185   180 /195   >195
    Pilot weight (min – max) (kg) 50 – 65 60 – 85 75 – 105 90-115
    Harness weight (delivered) (g) 3650* 3700* 3850* 4050*
    A Back length (cm)  58 65 72 TBA
    B Back inclination length (cm) 33 37 41
    C Seat length (cm) 45 45 45
    D Seat width (cm) 35 35 37
    E  Carabiners height (cm) 45 45 45 45
    F Distance between carabiners (cm) 38 – 45 38 – 45 40 – 46
    G Speedbag length (cm) 83 88 93

  • Included
  • Specifications

    • XC flying & competition
    • 3/4 reclined sitting posture
    • For active and experienced pilots


    • Bumpair 16 cm STK
    • Dorsal reserve parachute pocket with right rescue deployment handle
    • Self-leveling leg split-leg system
    • Reserve parachute hooking safety system
    • 30 mm Self-locking carabiners
    • 25 mm aluminum self-locking (Cobra) buckles


    • Mini carbon fiber removable seat plate
    • Removable Speedbag
    • Speedbag foot-rest (carbon fiber plate)
    • 3 lt. integrated Speedbag instrument cockpit with two lanyards
    • Self-centering double stage speed-bar
    • 29 mm Harken pulleys
    • Velcro® and shoulder sleeves (mic attachment, mini variometer)
    • Pre-equipped for a hydration system (Hydro)


    • Large dorsal storage pocket
    • Lateral zipped pockets on the Speedbag
    • Inner side radio pocket
    • Under the seat storage/ballast pocket


    • Safe-T strap
    • Speedbag length and incline adjustments
    • Shoulder straps length adjustment
    • Chest strap width adjustment (stability)
    • Backrest tilt adjustment with additional lumbar support


    • Nylon 210D Ripstop
    • Nylon 210D Honeycomb


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