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Intro Lesson


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We are excited to introduce you to Paragliding!  Plan to spend the morning with us. Your lesson will include some combination of:

  • getting used to a paragliding harness 
  • what we call kiting  (flying the glider above head while standing on the ground) 
  • some running on a shallow slope with an instructor alongside 
  • AND the culmination of all of your hard work ---> some radio guided solo flying a few feet off the ground 

Any flight is a great flight and we pride ourselves on providing an amazing experience. All of our pilots are experienced, certified paragliding professionals. 


To schedule your lesson, please give us a call and we will get you on the calendar (801.255.9595).  We will send you more information you'll need before your lesson.  We fly all year! You can schedule for any day and simply check in the with the instructor on the morning of or the night before your flight to confirm that the weather is good. 


Not much is required: just be old enough to say, "I want to fly." Also, be under 285 pounds and in good physical condition. We also take disabled persons for flights, so don’t worry; just bring a smile and we will take you to the sky.

Please dress appropriately for the weather: wear full-length pants and shirt, close-toed, sturdy shoes (no sandals or heels), a favorite ski or biking helmet if you have one (otherwise we will have one for you), light gloves, sunglasses and a small bottle of water. 

It is your responsibility to let us know if you have any special considerations (i.e. pregnant, over 210 lbs. physical limitations, injuries, etc.). We don’t take people who are pregnant, but we can take just about anyone else. Still, we want to know ahead of time if you have any special considerations. Also, if you want to bring a friend to fly with you, we can arrange that.

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