} Field Line Replacement Kit
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Field Line Replacement Kit



Product Details

Field Repair kits are something that should be in everyones harnesses! Great for Volbiv, Hike and Fly, and any time you're away from a repair shop. If you have a line break or get damaged this is the fix that will get you through the rest of your Journey.

The standard kit includes 7 Meters of 340daN rated line and a needle used to finger trap the line. (cut to size)

The Main Brake replacement kit includes a 4 Meter length of TGL 220 with one sewn loop. (cut to size)

Recommended to be used on any main, mid, or upper line, (Sheithed or unsheithed) with the exception of Main lines on tandem gliders.

"THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A PERMANENT REPLACEMENT" Please replace the line with the correct professional line as soon as possible.

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