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Fly Neo X-Ride 2.0



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  • Note: No color options

    8m and 9m are green

    10m is red

    The X-Ride v1’s mission was to provide the most efficient tool for pure Speedriding: a wing that was faster, steeper, and more precise than any other speedriding wing on the market. We feel that we achieved that goal, and the NEO speedriding wing was a big success. The X-Ride has gained a reputation as the wing which “followed” the riding skier naturally, even at very low speeds. The energy retention and dynamic take-off abilities are also at the peak of today’s speedriding performance.
    So, what can be improved? There are a few critically important details that have been evolved:
    Version 2.0 is more docile, for even better performance while riding on snow. The rider is able to choose direction and timing of freestyle maneuvers / tricks with even more flexibility thanks to the wing being less sensitive to roll and pitch. The turn is more progressive and more fluid, for smoother lines.
    In difficult conditions and turbulent air, the energy retention is higher translating to earlier lift in the brake range with greater effect.
    Finally, the X-Ride 2.0 is lighter with lower pack volume.
    2 Riser Options:
    – 3 riser A/B/C + 8 cm trimmers
    – 2 riser A/B + 4 cm S.A.S* + 4 cm trimmers
    Trimmers are located on the back of the riser, and are adjustable in flight.
    X-Ride 2.0 delivers the highest levels of efficiency and performance in the speedriding category.
    – Materials/Features:
    * double-coated fabric: «Everlast» from Porcher Sport, manufactured less than a 2 hour’s drive from our workshop. We are the first to use this fabric on mini-wings / speed wings.
    *Plastic reinforcement for improved durability. They replace the Mylar which creases too easily. This reinforcement is an ideal thickness and hardness for the practice of speedriding.
    * Markers on the center of the canopy on the leading and trailing edge, to make launch preparation and ground-handling easier.
    * Cousin Ultimate lines, for easier handling and preparation.
    * Ergonomic wooden brake handles
    * Delivered with the NEO Classic 60L bag, with ski carry-system and NEO Speed Pack.
    * The S.A.S (Steep Active System), active AoA piloting, allows direct pilot input for steep dives and calculated arc recoveries. It allows the pilot to maneuver on steep terrain, and to fly straighter freeride lines. The S.A.S is super efficient but more demanding ; it is needed to anticipate the slope shape in advance.

  • Technical Details
  • Size




    Surface 8 9 10
    Elongation 3.70
    Cells 22 22 22
    Weight 1.8kg 2.0kg 2.3kg
    Test Load 6G 6G 6G
    Style Expert Competition Freeride Freeride
    Level Competition Expert Expert