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The shirts are manufactured from a performance fabric with a blend of 45 % cotton, 32 % Modal, 13 % Lyocell (Tencel) and 10 % elastane (Lycra).

ProModal  ̈ is a cellulose fibre blend from renewable resources (wood) from Austrian company Lenzing and unites softness and functionality. It consists of two fibres, Modal and Tencel, both made in Austria. Modal is incredibly soft on the skin, your body will love it. Tencel is as absorbent as cotton, soft as silk and cooler than linen. It also reduces bacteria growth considerably, as it rapidly absorbs moisture into the fibre’s inner. So there is no moisture film left on the fibre’s outside, which would be the basis for bacterial growth. A
portion of 10 % Lycra ensures that the shirts keep their shape for a long time.

Read more about ProModal  ̈ at www.lenzing-fibers.com/en/lenzing-modal/more/ or Tencel  ̈ at www.lenzing-fibers.com/en/tencel/

Designed in the Alps.

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