Vittorazi Moster 185 Silent *MY20*

Vittorazi Moster 185 Silent *MY20*


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Moster 185 Silent.


This version, besides offering the exellent and universally acknowledged characteristics of Moster 185 Classic, is enriched by the new muffler "Silent", which has been specially designed for Moster 185 Plus.


The structure of this engine, as for the "Classic" version, is simple, streamlined and compact (ideal and easy for control operations and maintenance). The complete weight of the engine is 13.6 kgs in pull starter version, the installation "plug&play" is very fast and simple on every cage. The cooling of the thermal group is secured by propellers with dedicated profiles and exclusively designed for the Moster in direct tramission with the crankshaft. The compatibility of these propellers is guaranteed for the Classic, Silent or Plus versions.



Vittorazi has also developed, for use in hot climates or other specific uses of the enegine, such competition, a special cylinder head covering designed for this engine. This allows to significantly increase the cooling, reducing the operating temperature.


The motor develops a power of 25hp at 7.800 rpm, is particularly suitable for a weights pilot + paramotor or  trike between 100 and 160 Kgs (200 to 350 pounds). The engine`s not been studied for the tandem use or for a take off weight over 160 kgs. The thrust is regular, smooth, gentle up to reach 75 kgs (165 pounds) with a 130 cms (51 inches) propeller or 70 kgs (155 pounds) with 122 cms (48 inches) propeller. Vittorazi agrees to communicate the values ​​of power, weight and static thrust in accordance with the actual values ​​measured.

The motor starts on the ground or during the flight in unique way considering the capacity 185cc and avoid the installation of the decompressor valve. The vibrations are almost imperceptible on every speed, while the distribution of the weights and the dimentions of the motor, reduce the torque effect given from the propeller.

The motor has been studied for getting a limited noise, attenuated by airbox, from the belt transmission, from a good silencer in anodized aluminium with "Db-Killer" device and from the choice of the best propellers. The consumption of this motor is about 4,3-4,7 liters/hour considering a cruise flight.

Thanks to the specific Walbro/Vittorazi diaphragm carburetor, the motor maintains a constant engine idle speed, also changing the inclination in flight or in preparation to the take-off. The Moster 185 cannot be mounted upside down or rotated of 90°. It can also be supplied with extractable and interchangeable pulley, so can be used with different measures of propeller. It is available with components optional in carbon fiber, chromed or anodized.


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