Sup Air Vip 2

Sup Air Vip 2



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  • Product Details
  • Split-Leg ligth and compact tandem passenger harness with removable mini seat plate. Airbag Shock Absorbing System.Unique size.Available ! The 2013 version integrates a new design and color scheme; a new large dorsal pocket and two stretchable side ones to facilitate access to an onboard camera telescopic pole deployable in flight.

  • Characteristics
  • Piloting

    • Tandem passenger.
    • Body posture: upright.
    • Extremely easy transition from running to seating.


    • Airbag under the seat. Pre-equipped with the Pre-Inflation Wire System®.
    • Quick release buckles with Safe-T-Bar locking mechanism.
    • 30 mm Self-Locking Biners.
    • Self-stabilizing leg-strap system.
    • 30 mm Self-locking stainless steel leg straps buckles.
    • boucle auto alu 30mm en ventrale


    • Reinforced backrest for greater comfort.


    • Dorsal storage pocket able to accept two short profile open-face helmets.
    • Lateral stretch pocket for telescopic pole and camera.
    • Lateral camera pocket.
    • Right shoulder Velcro instrument(s) connections (easily accessible by the pilot ).


    • Adjustable backrest support incline.
    • Adjustable leg-straps length.
    • Shoulder straps adjustments.
    • Chest strap steel trim buckle adjustment.


    • Polyamide 420D Diamond Ripstop.
    • Cordura light.