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Nova Triton 2 Light



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  • Everything you need to know about the TRITON 2 LIGHT:

    • The TRITON 2 LIGHT combines exceptional lightness with uncompromising performance.
    • Size XS has been optimised for high speed performance (plus >20km/h)
    • The TRITON 2 LIGHT is based on the TRITON 2, but many details have been markedly improved.
    • Thinner lines made from Liros PPSL 191 and an optimised finish have resulted in a tangible performance increase in comparison with the TRITON 2.
    • The risers are made from 12mm wide Aramid: it is simpler to handle and does not twist – making the wing safer overall.

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  • The customized racing machine. The TRITON 2 light is an optimized performance wing developed by X-Alps athletes for X-Alps athletes. At 3.4 kilograms (XS) it is ultralight but also very tough: the lower sail and large parts of the upper sail are made from 27g cloth, the more vulnerable profile nose is made from durable 32g cloth.

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    Innovative and progressive. The TRITON 2 light is based on the TRITON 2, our serial performance wing. Its Needle-Eye Ribs permit a combination of little weight with a high degree of structural stability. Our Air Scoop means the wing is highly pressurized when accelerated. The accelerator travel has been extended on size XS wings (EN-CCC certification).