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Mip Bip +


Product Details

Our MipBip device concentrates a lot of power in a small form factor. The vertical speed sensing technology is based on the lessons learned from the One, it’s bigger brother, incorporating a high precision pressure sensor together with a precise and fast inertial measurement system.

The new MipBip+ also features a Bluetooth connection. This enables easier connectivity to a wide range of devices.

The combination of the rechargeable battery and solar cell provides up to 200h of flight time. Solar charging between flights or while waiting to takeoff extends the autonomy indefinitely. Recharge via a micro USB connector is also possible.

Additionally, the MipBip can work as a data link providing telemetry data to a phone or tablet via the USB cable.


  • Only 27 grams
  • 72X38X14 mm
  • Suitable for hike-and-fly or backup variometer
  • Can be paired with a smartphone or tablet to be used as a main flight instrument
  • Rechargeable + solar powered
  • Multiple colors available to fit everyone's style


  • High precision MS5611 pressure sensor
  • Instant vario function using accelerometer
  • Fully configurable Vario Sound (frequency, duty, cycle time to speed relation,...)
  • Sound configuration using the web interface
  • Height and vertical speed data are shared via the USB connection

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